Welcome on board the Happy Train, where the journey of learning is always fun and exciting! The Happy Train programme is a Holistic brain-training programme that enriches children’s growing minds through a variety of games, guided play and hands-on activities. The curriculum is designed to motivate the little learner’s aspiration of achievement. Our exquisite teaching materials encourage children to explore concepts and ideas through experiential learning.

We believe in the importance of developing core skills and shaping children’s learning attitudes.

Happy Train

  1. Multi/Foreign language stimulation

  2. Alpha wave relaxation

  3. Right-brain activation

  4. Parent-child bonding

  5. Multi-sensory training

  6. Fine & Gross motor skills training

  7. Cognitive skills development

  8. Photographic memory

  9. Problem solving skills

  10. Creativity

  11. Imaginative training

  12. Perfect pitch

  13. High IQ development

  14. Strong EQ development

Programme Highlights