Testimonials from our loving school parents

Parents: Angie and Alvin, Child: Audrey Choo, Age: 3 and a half years old

I think we should not underestimate the minds of the young ones and both husband and I believed that the development of the brain starts young and tapers off as they passed a certain age. Also being first time parents, we are pretty clueless when it comes to engaging Audrey with “constructive and engaging activities”. Hence we started sending Audrey to Happy Train when she was about 10 months old. Now at 3.5 years old, she is a happy student at Happy Train who has developed mentally, socially and intellectually. Though it is just a once a week lesson, this has built up a strong foundation of learning for her. She loves her teachers in Happy Train who have built a special bond with her over the years and looks forward to her weekly lessons. The teachers are caring, fun-loving and smiley whenever we see them. Audrey loves singing songs during lessons and this has developed her interests in music as she started picking up musical instrument. This has not only benefited her but also as parent, I picked up the songs and we had fun singing together at home. It is truly a place where learning takes place in a fun and encouraging environment. She has developed an inquisitive character and challenged her teachers with her “whys”. She loves playing the puzzles in class and has completed a 100 pieces puzzle within 2 days with the help of grandpa. Audrey has also impressed us with her ability to recite the biblical verses that we have taught her. We understand that we may not see the results overnight but we hope her experience in Happy Train with these passionate teachers will set the right foundation and attitude for her future learning."

Parent: Jeromy Ngian, Child: Aiden NgianAge: 2 years old

Aiden started class with Happy Train since he was 6 months old. The varied stimulus and activities planned by Happy Train according to the developmental stages of the child, helps to develops his whole brain as well as psycho-motor skills. Aiden enjoys the fun and interesting activities planned by his well trained and experienced teachers. The key strength of the programme is the experienced and engaging teachers, structured curriculum, customised learning resources and the exposure to three languages, English, Chinese and Japanese.

At 18 months, Aiden learns the pronunciation and meaning of words very quickly, identifies pictures and objects he has seen just once and is able to count to 20 in three languages. He is able to complete word and number puzzles designed for children 3 years or older. 


Parent: Lee Hwee Noi, Child: Hagen Bong, Age: 2 years old

Hagen was 20 months old when he started Happy Train. He was not talking and was only able to call “Mama” and “Papa”. His only way of communicating was through pointing and crying and was very shy with strangers. During the first term, he was not responding to the teachers when the other toddlers were able to sing and move with music. At 24 months old, just over one term, he’s able to combine three words in a sentence, recite 1 to 20 in three languages and even complete a 28 pieces jigsaw puzzle on his own. Hagen is now a very happy and talkative boy. When Sunday comes, he will tell me “Mommy, I want to go Happy Train!” We are very happy with his improvement, thank you Happy Train.

Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ong, Child: Jared Ong, Age: 4 years old

Prior to attending Happy Train, we had enrolled Jared in many other enrichment programmes. What was lacking in them was the lack on connectivity between the child and teacher, which prompted us to discontinue after a lesson or two. At Happy Train, we could feel and sense the endearing passion that the school and teachers have for the programme. More importantly, we could feel their sincerity and love for our child and the rest of the children. It is evident that Jared has progressed tremendously with Happy Train’s programme and enjoys attending the lessons every week.

Parent: Lynette Low, Child: Joshton Tang, Age: 1 year old

We started him when he was eight months old and despite being so young, he was clearly having fun during the songs and memory games. The sensory play was a good stimulation and Joshton loved to practise them at home. Needless to say, the key feature of a multi-lingual programme was the main draw for us. We clearly saw the benefit in aiding Joshton’s language development. At 11 months, Joshton was able to say quite a number of words and he was also very alert to what we say and enjoyed exploring the sounds of the spoken words he heard. Communication with him became really enjoyable.

Parents: Samuel and Mui Eng, Child: Maurice Lee, Age: 7 years old

We are very happy to have enrol Maurice in Happy Train since he was 2yrs+. Being 3 years in this right brain enrichment class, it contributes to his learning interest and establishes very strong bonding.

"Due to my busy work schedule, I had been a weekend mother and I am only able to spend around 1 hour each day with my son. It's every mother's worry that the child will distant to them as a result. But I have no choice at work. I am very lucky that on the contrary, Maurice is very attached to me." said Maurice's mother. 

In Happy Train, learning is fun! Flashcard is a very powerful tool and children learn very fast. You will be impressed with their memory skills. Since young, Maurice is an inquisitive boy who always likes to ask why. In schools, he is a fast learner. Being bold in approaching anyone, this is the way a child gets to learn more by himself. There is an incident when he got lost and he could relate the places in sequence and at what time he was there for the 3 hours. Since 4 years+, he is able to read the clock. This is what Happy Train teaches linking memory and flash cards on time.

Besides the programme, the Happy Train teachers played an important role too. They are very devoted in their teaching and patience with young children. It's never too early to enrol your child with Happy Train. The fees maybe a little high, but it is a good investment. Don't miss this great opportunity to let your child be a different person.

Parent: Esther Yan, Child: Nicole Wee Jing Yi, Age: 4 years old

Nicole can recognise numbers and alphabet at 1 year old and read in English and Chinese before 3 years old. I am tremendously grateful to the teachers at Happy Train in grooming her to be more sociable and confident. She enjoys reciting poems in the 3 languages and learning the story memory. The teachers are dedicated, encouraging and helpful. The foreign language activities are fun, interesting and educational, resulting in her love for languages and overcoming her difficulties and fears of the Chinese language.

Thank you, 谢谢 and ありがとうございます。